Metron Bowl / Bowl based on geometry, with an island in the middle.
Made for drinking soup.

Bamboochopper / The bamboochopper is a cutting board suitcase with inside the most important things to prepare a meal. A stove and a knive. Whether you leave home for a work lunch or for a private picknick with friends.              The bamboochopper can be taken everywhere because it fits exactly in a bicycle crate. Now you can prepare a hot meal anywhere you want.

Re-Charge / Feeling locked up and sealed off in an office where the windows don’t open? Re-Charge reconnects you to the world outside and prevents your energy from fading away after motionless hours behind a computer. A sensor on top of the roof measures the wind and light intensity and sends a signal to an elegant weather station on your desk. Soft feathers will start to swirl when there’s a breeze, and the light comes and goes with the sun outside. Re-Charge brings natural dynamics indoors to revive your spirit.

Lamp Ventilator Speaker / In static environments such as an office people tend to get lazy because they are missing the influence from outside. Light, air and sound. By using these products, you will create a more dynamic inside environment. All three products have a wireless connection to a sensor outside. The speaker inside will pass on what you hear outside. Think of singing birds, people walking by and even moving leaves. The lamp reacts opposite to the light intensity outside. When it gets dark outside, the lamp will slowly start to glow. The fan reacts on the temperature outside. Above 20 degrees Celsius it will provide a cooling breeze. Your employees will work more efficient and will stay fresh because their senses get stimulated.

Carafe / A simple carafe, which is closed by putting the glasses on top. In this way, easy to transport  and with one hand possible. Made out of terracotta, which has the property to cool. Casted in two layers, every example of the carafe is different in material combination and colors. The inside and top part of the carafe is glazed.

Sausage Maker / Now you can make the sausage that normally the butcher or factory makes. People often distrust industrial fabricated food because you simply don’t know what they put inside to lower cost and maximize profits.
Or sometimes even worse get rid of unusable residu. You want to know what you eat and when you make it yourself you can control that. There is almost nothing as satisfying as enjoying a meal with homemade sausages.
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